Unfaithful Pinter


Thomas Bipin

Thomas Bipin

This was a performance in cooperation with the artist commune “Sulten I Kristiania” (SiK).
The consept was a theatre battle, where two separate teams rehearsed the same play over eight weeks, and presented the work over a weekend of performances. The two teams where separated during the whole process and were only presented with the other team’s version on the opening night. The project involves artists in many roles and from many different professions and with a variety of styles.
The designs for the two plays were developed organically together with actors and directors during the rehearsal process, as the concepts experimental nature required constant development.
The artist commune SiK was funded by C. H. Maure and F. Friis and consists of approximately twenty artists from a variety of professions.

Pictures above are from the second version of the play directed by Kristin Indahl. Strongly drawing on styles of Jacques Lecoq and dance. In both pictures are actors Christoffer H. Maure and Linn Greni.

To the right, Actor Thomas Bipin shown wearing an S&M mask. In this interpretation it was chosen to draw heavily on the strong sexual tension in the play. This was emphasized through a sterile black environment with sharp shapes only later broken by elements associated with S&M play.

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