‘Hate’ is an Anglo-Dutch co-production between Studio Dubbelagent and Likeminds, with a cast including Akwasi Ansah from the popular Dutch rap group Zwart Licht, and directed by London-based Dutch director Teunkie van der Sluijs. Made by a dynamic collective of young urban artists from London and Amsterdam, ‘Hate’ is a multidisciplinary theatre event mixing hip hop, (music) video and theatre, aimed at audiences aged 16 years and older.


The performance opend in Amsterdam on the 12th of January 2012, played at the Young Vic London in February and toured the Netherlands throughout March 2012. Reopened at the Barbican in the fall of 2013.


No work, no future, no hope: three disenfranchised youths roam the streets of London after a night of riots. Sayid, a child of Muslim immigrants, Vinz, a working class Jew, and black boxing hopeful Hubert all try, in their own ways, to make life better for themselves in a world torn apart by hate, exclusion and violence.
Their friend Abdel lies fighting for his life in hospital after being shot during a police arrest. The rioting that followed this shooting made Vinz, Sayid and Hubert reassess their place in society. Can they escape this spiral of violence? Then Vinz reveals a secret: he has found a pistol lost by a police officer in the heat of the clashes. And if Abdel dies, he swears he will ‘even up the score’ and take revenge on the police, on society..


The surface of the screen is created with 300 meters of clothing elastics. These are layered with a small overlap and stapled to the wooden frame. This creates a surface that is easy to interact with and move through. The woodwork for the set was constructed by Dutch artist and furniture carpenter Hilko Uil, at Uil Interieurs. Shown here is construction instructions and measurements for the main screen. The screen was constructed with a sturdy support system to make sure it would not flex or move when interacted with, as this would break with the illusion of solidity. The option of suspending the frame from the rig was rejected to keep the structure tour friendly.

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