About Frans Friis

Frans Friis is a Oslo based theatre and production designer, mainly working in the UK and Norway.
Born in Norway, son of an illustrator and an architect, Friis followed his parents work around the world, where they early on enrolled him in art school. With his education from the Woldorf School, the norwegian RFHS and later the london based Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance he started designing for theatre and film in 2004. His work has since crossed multiple mediums within art, including set, costume and lighting design.
His designs vary from classics such as Strindberg to modern plays with interactive mediums. His works have been featured at venues amongst others in Oslo, London’s west end, Amsterdam and stretching from the north of Norway to the south of Spain. Friis’ design for the award nominated adaptation of La Haine  combined inspirations from the Suprematism movement with interactive video art and was well received by the media.
With a lifelong interest in theatre and the arts and experience from a variety of creative fields Friis has a keen eye for design. Constantly looking for new inspiration, his love of experimentation and venturing into new fields continues to drive his creativity.

About This Website

This website features a selection of designs by Friis. Please contact for a up-to-date CV to accommodate the information you find on this website.
The selection presented is not organized chronologically and is merely chosen to present the widest possible spectrum of work.



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